Burl Wood Gallery 101 N. Main St. Waynesville, NC 28786 (828) 452-2550
Burl Wood Studio


Log Yard ready fro slabbing
Moving large oak log to slab.
How to move big wood
hydrolic sawmill
hydrolic saw mill
New Hydrolic saw, designed and built by Steve Metzger
cutting burl wood
air drying stacks
air drying stacks of maple and walnut slabs
Burl Wood slabs air drying.
Wood Warehouse, thousands of live edge burl slabs
kiln drying
Burl Wood Slabs dried and ready to finish.
Burl Wood slabs
Burl Wood in production studio ready for custom design
custom burl wood mantle stock
Old Growth Redwood Burl large dining room slabs
 old growth redwood burl table in finishing
finishing burl wood slab table
Burl studio finishing room
Burl Wood freeform roots
Burl Wood
Burl Wood redwood
Redwood Burl fountain 12 feet tall

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Address: 101 N. Main Street,
Waynesville, NC 28786

Hours: Monday - Saturday 12pm - 5pm

Phone: 828.452.2550

Email: burl@moosecrossing.com

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